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Linea di estrusione di a serie medica BKWELL

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In recent years, with people's pursuit of health and increased awareness of protection, medical care is no longer limited to professional medical institutions, but is being extended to the fields of family prevention and rehabilitation. This new medical and health concept has driven the rapid development of household medical equipment, and gradually upgraded to intelligent, multi-functional, wearable, and telemedicine.

Linea di estrusione di materiale di imballaggio medicale
The sheets produced by the equipment are mainly used in medical packaging and other fields, such as clinical surgical instrument packaging, pharmaceutical industry packaging, turnover trays, orthopedic and ophthalmic equipment packaging, etc.


Plastic Medical Bed Blow Molding Machine
Suitable for producing different kinds of plastic medical bed head boards、foot boards and guardrails.
Adoptate un sistema di extrusione à alta pruduzzione, accumulendu a testa di a morte.
According to the different material, optional JW-DB single station hydraulic screen-exchanger system.
According to the different product size, customized the platen type and size.


Medical Precision Tube Extrusion Line
It mainly produces high-speed extrusion precision medical equipment such as central venous catheters, endotracheal tubes, medical three-layer (two-layer) light-proof infusion tubes, blood line (dialysis) tubes, blood transfusion tubes, multi-lumen tubes, and precision hoses.


JWELL Machinery has always kept pace with the development of the industry, actively responded to market demand, and met the ever-changing and improving medical market needs through years of accumulated innovation. Application customers provide all-round and diversified solutions.