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Consumabili medichi è linea di pruduzzione di l'equipaggiu protettivu

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PVC/EVA Medical Film Extrusion Line

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PVC soft bag is developed overcoming the shortcomings of glass bottles, with good chemical resistance, good temperature resistance performance. Main application: blood bag, urine bag, drainage bag and other fields.
Non-PVC soft infusion bag packaging is developed after glass bottle, plastic bottle and PVC soft bag. It is modified on the basis of PVC. It has the advantages of PVC soft bag and overcomes the disadvantages of PVC soft bag. Non-PVC infusion bag adopts closed infusion, with balanced pressure, and can maintain human body without introducing external air.The circulation of the closed system, to avoid the risk of air pollution, is gradually becoming a infusion packaging trend.Non-PVC soft infusion bag has good temperature resistance, not any seasonal restrictions for transport and also no worry about severe shock to the product during transportation. Since the product has anti-drop characteristics, can be dropped from a certain height, suitable for disas-ter relief and first aid.


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quaternu di carichi
mudedduJWS45 / 28-1500JWS90/28、JWS120/28-1500
Prodotti larghezza400mm900mm
Prodotti spessore0.12-0.35mm0.12-0.35mm
Specifica estrusivaJWS45 / 28JWS90 / 28
Designed extrusion output20kg / h100-250kg / h

Advantage competitiva

● The production line adopts Siemens man-machine interface and Siemens computer control operating system, which can realize accurate control and humanized operation of the equipment.
● The calendering machine adopts super-mirror chrome-plating roller and is equipped with servo motor drive to effectively ensure the accuracy of products.
● Special winding machine for soft film can not only ensure the evenness of the edge of the finished coil, but also prevent wrin-kling, bulging and stretching of the finished product.