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Consumabili medichi è linea di pruduzzione di l'equipaggiu protettivu

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Linea di Pruduzione di Tessuti Non Tessuti Compositi SMS Spunmelt

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SMS spunmelt composite nonwoven nonwoven is also made of spunbonded nonwoven fabric + meltblown nonwoven fabric + spunbonded nonwoven fabric through three-layer fiber web hot rolling composite.Our company has a full set of one-step SMS spunmelt composite nonwoven nonwoven production technology and technology.The production line adopts high-precision die spinneret processing methods and superb production technology. Produced monofilament finer and finer.Even, the texture of the cloth surface is more soft.Can greatly meet the needs of different customers.The products are widely used in medical isolation gowns, surgical gowns, bed sheet curtains, sanitary napkins, baby diapers, adult incontinence pads (pants) and other disposable medical protection and personal hygiene care industries.


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mudeddularghezzaGamma di grammiradicali avrìanu pututustruttura
JW-1600-SMS1600mm9-80g / m2<300m/minDiamond, square, sesame
Plum blossom dot, ellipse dot, zigzag pattern
JW-2400-SMS2400mm9-80g / m2
JW-3200-SMS3200mm9-80g / m2<300m/min